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The island of Chios has always been a crossroad for different cultures along the centuries, resulting in what Chios is today.
While some of these cultures came to the island by themselves, others were encountered in the numerous contacts its villagers had with other towns during their constant naval activities.

This way, Chians mixed themselves with many contradictious cultural, social and economic models, which altogether leaded to a peculiar set of Chian cast of mind.

In the ancient times, the island was famous because of the high quality of its inhabitants’ life, and bywords such as “Chian life-Chian laugh-Chian table” appeared referring to this life style. Today, although the influence of modern cultures, Chios still features most of the particles that once characterized the island, thus being a special island in the Aegean Sea.

In this section you will find some of the present forms through which Chian culture shines out nowadays.

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